Elevate Your Networking Skills

If you are going to be relevant in the future of your industry – you must begin today to invest more time in your networking and relationship building.

Taking the time out to create social media posts and engagement pieces will be critical if you plan on being relevant in your industry over the next few years or decades. The time invested in social media engagement, will also help you create longer lasting connections when you do engage in person.

Join Us From November 24th through to November 28th, 2017!

We are currently putting together a private list of professionals who are interested in networking with one another within the next few weeks. Be sure that your name and contact number is on the list!
Managing Non Profit Communication Effectively Conference
If you are interested in joining us and receiving referrals for your new service, please complete the attached form.
From Friday, November 24th through to Tuesday, November 28th we are offering powerful opportunities to network with people from all industries including:
Small Business
Marketing and Promotions
Film, Radio and Television
Private Investment and Venture Capital
Non-Profit Organizations
Salon – Hair and Beauty
Health and Wellness & Fitness Training
These are going to be amazing networking events and I definitely want you to be included!