Celebrating A Decade Plus in Training!


Recently, I celebrated a decade plus in offering training and coaching programs. Although I didn’t set out to be a coach, I was looking for a way to engage and inspire people to find what they were passionate about and invest in that.

I remember a work colleague of mine saying “Wow, Lucien, you picked the right venture, you’ve been more excited and passionate about my dreams than even I am”. I looked at her bewildered at the time, but realized later on that she was right.

Whenever I meet with someone who shares their dreams with me, I clearly see the difference and value that that dream would provide to others – if only it had a route to become reality. This  vision today, is still the one that drives me. Every day, I seek for new ways that I can help others find their route to success.

Thank you for being a part of my dream – and may you continue to do everything you possibly can to make room for your dreams to come to life!



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